In this edition of Rolling with Benny, our Benny Sperling looks at Torpedo Dice, a roll and write from Stratus Games.

In my pursuit of the next roll and write, I found myself sinking into the deep blue ocean. I have to admit that I have been on a bit of a reading tear with Clive Cussler’s Oregon Files series and quite enjoy Juan Cabrillo as a character, he has this great saltiness to him but there is an incredible streak of kindness and duty. As I explored the depths of the ocean, I came across a game, Torpedo Dice!

I remember playing Battleship as a kid, cursing my bad luck as my ships were sunk, not my destroyer!!! Those were the days, I suppose its been a good, almost 30 years since I played Battleship and as I printed the files and grabbed my dice, I found myself reliving that experience in a whole new way.

Chris James and Stratus Games deserve a heart-felt thank you from me for helping me relive my childhood. Thanks, y’all! Where Battleship was a bit miss and hit, Torpedo Dice is much more hit. Each round you roll dice and decide if you will activate your Submarine’s equipment or if you will send those pips straight at your opponent in the pattern they’re shown on the die. This to me is the most incredibly clever part of Torpedo Dice. The die pips are the attack pattern!

While I pick my jaw off the floor, let’s talk about that. You have a sheet, but the sheet shows your opponent’s submarine. The panel below it shows your systems. Keeping in mind when you launch your attack, your goal is to knock out those vital systems. Sadly there is no AI or solo option here, though I found 2 player to be incredibly fun and challenging.

Going heavy into activating your submarine’s systems seems to leave you vulnerable and can lead to being turns behind if your opponent is intent on just bombarding your submarine with as many of their dice as they can. This is my strategy, clearly, also I tend to button mash and fail miserably at most fighting videogames. Maybe someone can create a roll and write where button mashing is a winning strategy.


Mashing your opponent’s submarine with dice is a winning strategy in this game, by the way. The part of this game that trips me up is that you can only attack the player on your left, but the player to your right in 3 and more player games is blasting your submarine! I guess its a smart design move as fighting a war on two fronts is disastrous!

I highly recommend zipping over to Stratus Games’ website and checking this one out: you get the download after signing up for their newsletter, no big deal there. Plus its great colors and fun art.

Until the next time, SCUBA suits and dive masks are where it’s at to check out the briny deep! Kill those enemy submarines with kindness! Be well dear friends!