The Game Crafter Special #1: Origami Cookies

The Game Crafter Special #1: Origami Cookies

March 8, 2019 0 By Ryan Sanders

In this edition of Meeple-Sized Reviews, we look at two 18-card games by designer David Sheppard – Fold and Toss Your Cookies found on The Game Crafter

What is a Hook Box?

Both games featured in today’s reviews are found on print-on-demand board game service The Game Crafter and both are packaged in TGC hook boxes. What is Hook Box? It is a fold-out box that can hold 18 poker cards while keeping a slim profile allowing the user to put the game in their pocket. Not only that but the rules can be printed on the inside of the box as seen in the picture below.



Designer: David Sheppard

Player Count: 2-4 

Mechanics/Genre: Abstract, Tile Laying, n-in-a-row

Note: A copy of this game was given to The Inquisitive Meeple for an honest review.

Fold: Origami Plains is a 2-4 player abstract game that fits in your pocket. I don’t think I could go over the gameplay more succinctly then it does on its The Game Crafter game page in saying Fold is actually a simple abstract game about linking 6 or more cards together to claim victory. Initially, players are drawing from a deck and adding to the world but once the cards are all in play, the second phase begins. This is where a player can move a tile from one location to another.” That’s it.  There is a phase where we lay cards and try to connect a series of six identical animals to win the game. If that phase ends with no one winning, there is a second phase where you move cards around trying to win. There is a twist of being able to claim a section and that section cannot be moved, but that is pretty much the game.

As you can tell Fold, is extremely easy to understand and to play. This isn’t meant to be the world’s deepest abstract or game in general, it’s an 18 square card game (and 6 tokens) that fits in your pocket. Something you pull out and play in a restaurant as you wait for your order. A few things are interesting about the game including no one owns a color and that the first half of the game is an abstract game with luck but the second part is perfect information. Merging two different types of abstract strategy games.

What are my overall thoughts on Fold? First off, I love the theme and really enjoy the art. However, gameplay wise, it’s a good game, just not a great game. I feel like something is missing in the 2-player game, maybe there are too many color regions. The designer has told me he thinks the sweet spot for the game is 3-players, and since then I’ve played four different 3-player games and I agree, it is a slightly better game as a 3-player game, though in none of those games did we make it past the first phase as we did in 2-player.  It should also be noted that Fold cards, are square instead of poker sized and the game comes with some wooden tokens – so when they are placed in the hook box with the game, it tends to bulge. It will close, and it can still be pocketed, but it is something of note, compared to other hook box games. 

Who is this game for? Someone looking for very simple game, very portable abstract game that doesn’t take too much table space. You could play about four 3-player games (maybe more) in less than 20 minutes. So, this could be one to check out if you play games at a restaurant while you wait for your food, or looking for something that is quick play before the kids go to bed.

If you are interested in checking out or picking up a copy of Fold, you can find it on The Game Crafter by clicking here.

Toss Your Cookies

Designer: David Sheppard

Player Count: 2-3

Mechanics/Genre: Set Collection

Note: A copy of this game was given to The Inquisitive Meeple for an honest review.

Toss Your Cookies is another 18 card game, by Fold designer, David Sheppard. For 2-3 players (all my plays have been 2-player), players are trying to end the game with the most unique cookies in front of them at the end of the game. On your turn, you will have two cards in your hand, each featuring a cookie. You can either play the card face-up or face-down in front of you. If you play your card face-up, you do its “Sugar Rush” ability listed. Then players look to see if they have any matching face-up cookies in front of them (ie I have two chocolate chip cookies in front of me) if they do, they discard them. Play goes on like this until the end of the game, where players will flip over there facedown cards, and do one final matching discard, the winner is the one with most cookies in front of them. If there is a tie, you count the number of crumbs on the plate (highest crumbs win).

Toss Your Cookies is a really good microgame, I’ve had quite a bit of fun playing it. Not only fun but more important for a game its weight and size, never overstays its welcome. Personally, I really wouldn’t mind seeing a second version of the game come out that has all new cookies (there are only six in the game) that can feature as a standalone by itself or can also be added into the first base game as an expansion. It’s not super deep, so don’t expect that instead expect a solid 2-player filler.

Toss Your Cookies is really worth giving a look if you’re looking for a 2-player game that can fit in your pocket, that plays really fast.

If you are interested in checking out Toss Your Cookies or want to buy a copy, you can find it on its page at The Game Crafter, by clicking here.