Benny looks at the roll and write game, Dizzle from Schmidt Spiele (and soon Stronghold Games)

Welcome back, friends! Today we learn what a dizzler is and about bombs, spaceships, and dice!

Dizzle was on my radar as it is the new game from one of the designers of Finca, Ralf Zur Linde. Finca is one of my all time favorites. So seeing a new game from him was very exciting!

Admittedly, I was very excited to learn Dizzle was coming out and ordered a copy from it arrived and I raced through the first 2 sheets solo, the following day I did the last 2 sheets. Each sheet has 2 levels on it, one front, one back. I can safely say I’ve played all 4 levels several times solo and with opponents.

There are a set number of dice placed in the dice pool then rolled depending on the number of players. In a round, each player will be responsible for rolling all of the dice once. After the dice are rolled, the players will take turns either selecting a die or rerolling the dice pool. When a die is selected, it is placed next to an X on the player’s sheet. After all of the dice are taken from the pool, the players mark the spaces on their sheets with an X where the dice are.


There are certain spaces that give points at the end such as Jewels or puzzle pieces. Players can also use powers during the game such as Keys and Locks and Rockets. In order to X a lock, the player has to have X’d the matching Key on a previous round. Rockets, when X’d have the player X out a Planet elsewhere on the sheet (Levels 3 and 4). This allows the player to have more spaces for dice placement.

The part that was interesting, though makes the game quite a lot easier, is the “jump” rule whereby if the player has no open space in which to place a die, then the player can place their die next to any other open space with an X. While I get the intent of this, meaning if a player is blocked up against a wall or other X’s. It seems like it could use clarification that unless there are no open spaces, then the player should roll the dice. Though there is a rule about rolling more than once in a round the player suffers a penalty: remove 1 die from their sheet.

Here’s where I’m at with Dizzle: as a solo game, Dizzle is fo shizzle. With opponents, it is less compelling, depending on the opponent. Dizzle is a very light game. Maybe too light?

I still don’t know what a Dizzler is though. Urban Dictionary wasn’t helpful. At any rate, I found Dizzle fun and I highly recommend checking it out when you have the option to do so. Be kind, friends!


About the Reviewer: Benny is the game designer behind Yakitori and Bones of the Caribbean. Lover of roll and write games, husband, and father of three. When Benny isn’t playing or designing roll and writes, he can be found gardening in his fruit and vegetable garden. Benny Sperling can be found on Twitter at @benny275.