Benny looks at the solo print and play, roll and write – Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician, designed by Robin David.

Welcome friends! Time for a brief history lesson! Ada Lovelace was a brilliant person. She worked on ways to use the Analytical Engine to expand computing.

In Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician, the player has two options on their turn: place a polyomino or use die values to fill in on the right for artifacts that have been circled due to being surrounded by polyominoes.

Filling in the map of the museum involves using dice to place polyomino shapes. Each die corresponds with 2 different polyominoes which is nice because it gives the player some level of choice and as the game progresses, less opportunity to not be able to play a polyomino. Doing so earns the player points and also access to certain powers. The player has 6 dice which they roll 2 at a time. When the reserve of dice is empty, the player regains all of their dice from the used pile and returns them to the reserve, marking off one of the times on the sheet. There are 5 times total.

Once a player has completely surrounded an artifact in the museum (including using walls). This is handy as it gives the player some direction and they aren’t just filling in a map for points (a la Noch Mal). After the player has surrounded an artifact they circle it on the right side of the page and can now begin filling in die values. These grant the player further powers such as more polyominoes or the ability to change dice into different things.

Points are scores for fully completed sections of the museum and also circled artifacts. There are two artifacts that can earn players bonus points when they fill in the required values.

Robin David, the designer of this game, also has a game that’s been released called Tag City. It too is a roll and write that uses a dice wheel and has the player filling in the map with polyominoes. I like Robin, he’s a good dude and always seems to have something positive to say when we interact on Twitter.

Anyway, check out this game here:

Robin has several other games. He does neat stuff. You can check him (and them) out here:

Be well, be kind, roll dice, write!

About the Reviewer: Benny is the game designer behind Yakitori and Bones of the Caribbean. Lover of roll and write games, husband, and father of three. When Benny isn’t playing or designing roll and writes, he can be found gardening in his fruit and vegetable garden. Benny Sperling can be found on Twitter at @benny275.