Benny reviews the Paper Pinball, roll and write, Laser Sisters.


Welcome in friends!

I know there are a good bunch of folks in board gaming who also enjoy pinball. This seems to be the place for them to get their quick fix if they can’t make it out to the arcade. 

Paper Pinball has a variety of versions, I played the Laser Sisters sheet. I think it does a good job of making you think about how combining dice or not, in this version. The placement of numbers certainly makes you think. I like how you have a whole bunch of spaces that require different numbers. 

Bumpers, for example, want a unique group of numbers across each horizontal group, the ramps want you to increase in value with each placement. The way to open tunnels is to roll low or break up your dice. Then the tunnels themselves want pairs! 

Scoring could be a little clearer. For example, the Targets, if you score one of them you get 5 points and 5 points for each one scored. If you get all of a set you get 10 points. Does that mean I get 5 points for each one and then 10 points for the set or that I have a net loss of points for doing that 3rd one? Also the way the multipliers work seemed hard to reckon. If you open tunnels, then you seem to automatically score double, but you only write in one of the paired die faces when you are writing everything else (unless slingshot is used) as the total of the pairs? 

Playing this game reminds me slightly of Ganz Schon Clever (I never remember the US version name). It’s a lot quicker though and has a theme. This game can certainly run off without you though if you aren’t using those slingshots to split up the dice! 

I feel like these games are definitely worth checking out even if you try out the demo like I did. Metal Snail Idea Workshop does a great job with graphics and interesting game play, they’re the group behind Legend of Dysyx that my buddy Odin likes. 

Until next time friends, keep your ball bouncing along and if you need a break, self-care is important! 

Full Disclosure: I downloaded the demo version of Laser Sisters as a freebie in black and white. I haven’t played any of the other ones as pinball is not high on my list of interests, never got into it as a kid in the 80’s, too many videogames at the arcade then.

You can find a color copy of Laser Sisters for sale on PNP Arcade, by clicking here.