Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write – Adventure for one and all!

Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write – Adventure for one and all!

November 11, 2019 0 By Benny Sperling

Benny looks at Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write

Hey friends! Welcome in, today we’re seeking Adventure! I’ve been a fan of Portal Games for a long long time, since Stronghold and 51st State. I really loved Imperial Settlers too! 

That said, I have issues with this game. Yes, it’s true. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, sometimes a dark cloud sneaks in. My complaint is seemingly silly. This game, while it shares an art style and a name, it doesn’t match up that well with what I know and love about Imperial Settlers. That game is all about variability and having ways to mess with other players. Also, you keep your resources turn to turn through elements of storing. 

Now that I’ve said that, this game is tremendous in solo play. The Adventure sheets are a blast and bring that feeling of variety that Imperial Settlers has. The map plotting on the player sheet is also ridiculously fun! So many ways to score points! 

Also finding ways to expand your resource pool each turn. Curiously, it does actually feel like a tableau-building game, like it’s predecessor. The way you acquire the buildings through spending resources also feels like the original game as well. Placement is particularly important as your buildings create shapes on the map plot. Some of those buildings add to scoring opportunities which is incredibly interesting because it adds a spatial element, because you may want to spend resources for those spaces, but you may also want to use those resources for buildings instead. There is a nice give and take with this game where the player does not feel like the game is “on rails.” 

There are two types of sheets in this game, the Adventure sheet which is designed for 1 or 2 players only, the 2nd player would need a copy of the same sheet. Or the Village sheet that is for use with multiplayer. They are all identical though.

The downside of this game is its lack of interaction with other players and the multiplayer sheets feeling repetitive. T Caires and I were talking on Twitter about this issue. I pondered, could you do multiplayer with the Adventure sheets? Just download and print some extra copies of each one and off you go. Well, it does work and it adds in that variety! It’s like playing Imperial Settlers and learning a new civilization or seeing the expansion cards filter in! 

I really feel like that’s the best way to enjoy this game. That variety is so delightful. Plus Portal continues to search for more Adventure sheets from fans of the game so certainly, plenty more Adventure sheets will exist once you get through these 48! Yep, 48 of them! That’s a lot of Adventure to have! Hopefully, y’all have some decent printers and laminators to get the full play out of this great game! 

Be safe out there on your adventures, y’all! If you see Ignacy or his team out at a Con, hook me up with some cookies! 


Full disclosure: 

My buddy Derik Duley sent me a copy of Imperial Settlers to play so we could compare notes.