Gameschooling Downloads

Gameschooling Downloads

Besides our Game Challenge Downloads, we have a few more resources we offer teachers/homeschooling families.


School Year 10×5 – includes both 1st and 2nd semester, as well as just a generic one for the whole school year. The idea is the student picks out 10 games they like to play 5 times. Every time they play a game they chose, they color in the meeple to track their progress.

Gameschool Log A way a student can keep track of games they played throughout the year for gameschooling. To be printed out and placed in a 3 ringed binder (or pronged folder). The “x?” is for if the student played a game more than once in a given day (so they don’t have to write it out multiple times). The “Games Total” at the bottom, is a way you can know how many games were played on that given page. This feature is for those that would like to keep track of how many games they played through the school year, by only having to add up the totals on each page at the end of the year.

  • Gameschooling Log A –  20 lines for games, no subjects
  • Gameschool Log B – 18 lines, but a subject column, to put code in that realates to what subject you used the game for (use code on the bottom or add your own) 

This Week in Gameschooling download  – includes a chart to fill in for subjects and weekly breakdown that can be laminated and to be used with dry erase markers and hung on the wall (with and without date section).

Meeple ChallengeColor in the meeple when you play a game that fits the category or mechanic. Even though a game could count towards multiple meeples, we encourage to choose only one per game, thus getting you to play many different games.  

100 Meeples – 100 meeples all on one page to color in. Could be used to track 100 plays with your kids or even as some type of reward/behavior chart.



These resources are free to print and should not be sold. Please instead of just sharing the pdf file with others, direct them to this page. If you enjoy this resource or use it in your home or classroom- please let us know on Twitter @inquiry_meeple.

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