Benny looks at the game Deadly Doodles by Steve Jackson Games.

Hey all!

Welcome into to another fun-filled review! Today we are looking at Deadly Doodles from Steve Jackson Games ( designed by Samuel Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, art by Katie Cook. This game had been on my radar a while and I finally ordered it because I ordered Halloween D6’s for my wife. It also came with a promo card, Trick. 

All that said, I initially did not expect much. It’s a roll and write (flip and fill) route-builder. The theme is fine, made better by the really fun art. So I sat down to play, at first it smacked of Kodama or Avenue. Then, it hit me! I wasn’t limited to my initial path! I could start a new path at a different door! Holy cow! 

Then it all went wobbly and I fell onto a pile of loot and a dragon tried to eat me until I fed it my trusty squire. Then some weird little dungeon guys chased me around like the ghosts in Pac Man until I found the right Axes. Boy did they run from me! Back you scoundrels!!! 

At the end of 7 rounds of laying out 4 cards, depending on if I got a draw 2 or not, then I would lay out 6 cards, I came to a wondrous conclusion: This game is a delight! It has such a fun feeling while playing, it’s light-hearted, it plays solo, it plays up to 4 and you can talk a lot of smack while laying out Traps. In a lot of ways, it’s the perfect roll and write to play at the pub or with the brunch bunch. 

There is only 1 map, so maybe in part that’s a negative. You can effectively plan out a rough route you want, but luck of the draw messes with that. It felt a bit like Rail Road Ink, only without dice and being able to play stuff to mess up your opponents like Traps. That was really fun in multiplayer to drop a Trap on my board and have it cost my opponents points for taking a route through that space. Honestly, this game has retired Rail Road Ink for me as well as Avenue/Kodama. Those are fine games and all, but why would I go back to them when I have this one?! This game does a lot more with less. It has interaction, though subtle. 

Phil Reed shared that they are putting the sequel to Deadly Doodles on Kickstarter and even shared a new map! I’m definitely in on that Kickstarter because this base game is a fun little romp and I definitely need some more action! I strongly encourage anyone who likes fun to check this one out. Steve Jackson Games has always been more than just Munchkin and this game is a real stand out for them! 

Editors Note: Tune in next week when Benny previews Deadly Doodles 2! Same meeple day, same meeple channel…

Disclosure: I bought the game direct through with Halloween themed D6s for my wife. They were nice enough to include promos for Munchkin which I gave away and a Trick card for Deadly Doodles which I kept and have had a lot of fun playing with.