Deadly Doodles 2: More to the Max!

Deadly Doodles 2: More to the Max!

September 22, 2019 0 By Benny Sperling

Benny looks at the upcoming Kickstarter game, Deadly Doodles 2!

Welcome in, monsters and dungeoneers alike!

I’m usually out when a game generates an expansion. This time, it’s a whole different ball game! Steve Jackson Games is bringing the heat!

The last time we saw Deadly Doodles, it was a terrific little game of wibbly-wobbly dungeon exploration and monster whacking. It still is those things, just pushed to their max and beyond!

This time we get a sequel that does all of the things and more! They even have a tag line of “More Screaming!” Yes, that is wholly accurate. I’ve had a couple of moments of chatting with Phil Reed of SJGames, I’m right there with him, this game is challenging! I’ve been informed that there are a handful of new maps that make up this expansion with more maps as a stretch goal. I’ll just say I sure hope they crush those goals because those later maps are not to be missed!! It was like finding the sweet spot for trouble then asking for just a little more, missus! Just a wee lil bit more of that trouble for me.

The first 3 maps of Deadly Doodles 2 start to ramp up the crazy. All the bits you loved (admit, DD1 was super fun!) are back with some added tweaks: entrances in the middle of the dungeon, then new treasure types! Now you can collect Skull coins, but worthless unless you get the Skull, I thought of it as Bob from Dresden Files. Also, an added treat of this game is a custom d6 with the skull and dragon on it for these “super fun” (please read that as “Oh screw you, game!”) that block certain paths unless the matching icon is rolled! I had one game, where I had done a great job of collecting Skull Coins, but not the Skull because it was behind the Dragon gates, and I kept rolling Skull on the die… luckily, on the last round, I prevailed!! There was much rejoicing! (yay)

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Just like its prequel, Deadly Doodles 2, does a lot of things, it has moments where it gets wobbly in the middle and suddenly I’m staring at a gate that won’t budge, c’mon man! My squire, had to get a new one, left out the bit about getting eaten by dragons in the job description, poor fella, seems to think we can reroute through another part. Not wrong, we try it out only this time it’s the monsters that have snatched up my squire and given him a snuggle, the poor guy should have found us the matching weapon! But no point in wasting time, we’ve got treasure to grab! Onward!!

The later maps add some funky bits too, but don’t take my word for it, check out their Kickstarter for more! I’m not saying DD2 is the best game I’ve played this year (it’s right up there though), but it gives my favorite route-building roll and write a new way to play and a whole lot of goodness that I’m so happy to play again and again! As we close monsters and dungeoneers, fun can be had in many places if you look hard enough, this place is chock full of fun and then some!

Full disclosure: The nice folks at Steve Jackson Games were kind enough to send me a copy of the prototype of Deadly Doodles 2 to try out for this (p)review. Thanks, y’all! I am planning to back the Kickstarter as well though!