Welcome to our Award page. All the games on this page have been reviewed by us (click on a game name to be taken to review) and are highly recommended by us. By that we mean we actually recommend these games to other people, and not just say its recommended. The awards themselves were designed by Dawson Cowals, and of course, The Inquisitive Meeple logo was designed by Mr. Cuddington. Without further ado:


Don’t Miss This Award

The Don’t Miss This award are games that we highly recommend. They often fall in the category of “gateway,” “filler” or light Euros. The Winners of this award are:


Family Time Award

Family Time Award is exactly as it sounds, games that are great for families, but don’t let the name fool you – these games don’t need children to have fun – all adult games with any of the following are sure to be a good time:


Hidden Gem Award

The Hidden Gem Award is for games that are great games that either flew under our radar or that really get no attention at all. Here are what we think are hidden gems waiting for you to find them:


Young Meeple Award

The Young Meeple Award is given to children games. They are ones we highly recommend if you have children within a given age range. Winners of our Young Meeple Award so far are the following games: